About Us

Hello! Welcome to Alea Active - your fashion forward active lifestyle brand. But we are so much more than that and we are so pumped that you are here. So stay for a while and let’s get to know one another.
At Alea Active we design with YOU in mind. That is the complete you – mind, body & spirit to enable you to live a happy, healthy & active lifestyle in complete comfort while being one stylish babe at the same time!
Let me ask you something, I hope it’s not too personal I know we only just met …
Have you ever felt so lost in life that you just didn’t know what you could do to pick yourself up again?
Have you ever had that adrenaline high from getting out and getting active? Whether it be from a kick ass netball game, the best weight session or from pounding the pavement for kilometers with your girlfriends?
I’ve been in both those places and so has my beautiful baby sister. I’m Laura, the Creative Director of Alea Active and my sister Aimee Lea is my inspiration to create a lifestyle brand with a difference. Aimee Lea is the one courageous angel guiding me through this journey.
In 2012, after a lengthy battle with the demons of depression, our world changed. My best friend became my angel and it is my baby sister and her strength, story and passion that has encouraged me to live out my dreams but to also uphold hers and that’s by empowering you! Alea Active wants to encourage you to take control of your mind, body & lifestyle and to get out there and do things that ultimately make you happy.
We watched our beautiful Aimee Lea silently struggle but with the struggles she always showed us there can be light. For Aimee it was every time she took that step onto the netball court with her teammates. There were wins, losses, stacks, strapping tape, tears a whole lot of laughter and an end of game unreal hug. It was in these moments she felt free and her light always shone through and the darkness would melt away.
It is this light Alea Active encourages all of you to find through an Alea Active & Healthy Lifestyle.
Why am I sharing this with you?
We are combining my passion of design and fashion with Aimee’s passion and spirit for active living. We want to create a lifestyle brand that is comfortable, purposeful, motivating, inspirational, uplifting and super styling.
We want to encourage you all to find your light and get Alea Active. An Active lifestyle creates not only a healthy bod but a healthy mind and a happy heart. It’s also important to us that you know about the passion and driving force that is behind Alea and our product and because of that we promise to always deliver the very BEST for you because you deserve it!
Love, understand, guide and encourage those around you. Be open and speak up. Soak in the sunlight and fresh air, get out there and live a beautiful active lifestyle you love.
Love Me & Alea