Why 'Meraki' you ask...

by Laura Koehler November 27, 2016

Firstly i have to start with a HUGE hello! Welcome back and thank you for bearing with me the last 6 months.
Wow 2016 haven't you been an interesting year.... who's with me!? I know each year brings both highs and lows, learning curves and many memories to cherish for the year that was but I must admit a big part of me went missing this year, and that was Alea Active... my priorities never changed with this label, it will forever hold the key to my heart but a lifestyle change and a city move meant I had less time to focus my attention here. Whilst I enjoyed the city I will always be a country girl at heart, and here I am back in little old Albury putting all of my focus and attention back into living a healthy lifestyle, filled with Alea Active!
I am so excited to FINALLY be able to launch the Meraki Collection! Why 'Meraki' you ask... 
........It just seemed to fit and it is how I feel every time I sit behind the sewing machine and create your special activewear pieces.
Alea Active is as most of you know a label extremely close to my heart, not only is it a way to keep my baby sisters memory alive it is also how do I say this without sounding corny.... I have a "passion for fashion"! There was no way around it, I had to say it! I've always had that passion, from designing beautiful purple gowns, to swimwear and wedding dresses for close friends I love every single second behind that sewing machine, but with Alea Active it's a little different. Not only am I able to design, sew and create I can provide awareness for mental health and connect with other women to encourage a healthy and happy lifestyle.
Okay.... I think that's enough of the in depths, I hope you all LOVE this collection as much as I enjoyed designing it! Please feel free to send me and email if you have any questions about any of the pieces from the new collection or if you feel like dropping by to just say 'hi' I'd love to hear from you!
xx Laura



Laura Koehler
Laura Koehler


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